Actually Gone Insane

It’s happened. I’ve finally gone completely insane. After everything we’ve been through with pregnancy sickness, exhaustion, prenatal and postnatal depression, etc etc etc. I now want another baby. Ugh what is wrong with me?!? I swore I’d never get pregnant…

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Gift Ideas For Mums Expecting 2nd Baby

…Or their third, fourth, fifth or even sixth! Although by that point they’ve probably got everything you could ever think of, plus a few super savvy things you couldn’t think of, and an extra bin bag of old baby clothes hiding in…

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Reducing Sertraline – Withdrawal Symptoms

The exciting time has come – my wonderful GP says I can start reducing my medication. I am so glad. Sertraline, a drug used to treat depression and anxiety, although incredibly helpful at stabilising my mood, gives me heartburn that…

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