Just a short post to give a little update on how toilet training has been going…

Well. As you might have gathered, we have given up with toilet training Archie Bear. After 4 days of many, many pairs of pants, we didn’t see any improvement at all! There were puddles everywhere, not a lot of them IN the potty, and a clothes line chock-a-block with those teeny, tiny pants.


So, on Sunday night, we had a little chat with Archie Bear, and asked him whether he would like to stay in pants or go back to nappies. He thought for a moment, then said ‘umm, nappies’. And you know what, he’s been so much happier since!

He really wasn’t ready. The poor thing didn’t know when he needed a wee or sometimes even when he was doing one! Daddy Bear and I were finding it increasingly frustrating, and however hard we tried, we couldn’t keep our tempers and frustrations to ourselves. Poor Archie was getting stressed out by it, and I’m sure it was affecting Teddy Bear too. It was the right decision for our family. We’ll try again in a month or so. Now I can relax and get on with life as normal, not worrying about how I will run a music class, go to a toddler group, or just go outside the flat without worrying about Archie Bear leaving puddles wherever he goes.