This has been the first Christmas that Archie Bear has been fully aware of, so is the first year Father Christmas has visited him (and Teddy Bear), and also the first year where I have understood what ‘Christmas sends them crazy’ really means. He has been hyper, moody, and jealous beyond anything I’ve seen before, and I can only blame the excitement and anticipation that Christmas trees, lights and presents brings.

As a result of even more toys being snatched away and thrown across the room, Teddy Bear has also been even more upset, annoyed and angry than normal. He’s grumpy enough at the best of times, so has been yelling and shouting more, and hasn’t always been particularly pleasant to be around. Poor kid, the best times he’s had have been when Archie Bear is in a different room, watching TV, or asleep, and he’s been able to play with whatever toys he wants without being bullied.

Don’t get me wrong, along with the moody moments, we’ve had some brilliantly special ones too. Real highlights have been all the snow (does anyone ever stop being excited when they wake up to see the whole world covered in snow???), building a huuuuuuge snowman, seeing the excitement and joy in Archie’s face when he gave me my present, going on the mince pie special (this is a steam train in Yorkshire, and a Christmas tradition in my family to go on Boxing Day every year), and seeing Archie and Teddy play hide and seek with their cousins, aunts and uncles.

I’d probably say their favourite things have been the crazy amount of Christmas trees and lights we have seen, all the chocolate they’ve eaten, and a couple of particularly noisy toys they were given! One scorpion-car-noise-maker is so bonkers and unpredictable that it has terrified Teddy and he won’t go near it. It sends Archie into hysterics, but even he runs away from it and squeals with what I can only describe as a combination of delight and sheer terror whenever he presses the button. Archie Bear has been regaling us with endless, inaccurate renditions of Jingle Bells, which I can imagine we’ll still be hearing in June, and has developed such a keen interest in baking that at one point we had 78 gingerbread Christmas trees in our kitchen.  

This Christmas has been really lovely. Not perfect, sure, but pretty good as Christmas seasons go. We’ve spent time with both our families, and the boys have generally had a great time. We’ve been on a steam train, played in the snow, built a huuuuge snowman, opened some crazy fun presents, and not felt sick from over-eating once. I’d call that a successful Christmas. Now onto 2018…