So, here you have it. My very first blog post as mummybearbaker. I apologise for the grumpy boy in the photo, he’d just woken up.

Why ‘mummybearbaker’? Well, 3 reasons –

1 – I’m a mummy

2- I refer to my kids and our little family as ‘bears’, which became especially apt after we decided to call our second son Teddy. So we have daddy bear, mummy bear, Archie bear and Teddy bear.

3 – my last name is Baker.

Let me introduce you to us. Daddy Bear and I live in North London, in the idyll that is Crouch End. A beautiful, off the map, half hidden village, which only about a quarter of Londoners seem to know exists (and all of us here would like to keep it that way). It has its own clock tower, bakeries, book shop, and what must be at least 20% of all the independent coffee shops in London – the other 80% seem to be up the hill in Muswell Hill or down the road in Stroud Green and Stoke Newington. A 10-15 minute bus ride to the nearest tube, we’re not in the easiest place for our friends and family to visit, but it results in more of a community feel than I’ve experienced in London before. Every time I go out I see someone I know and give a cheery ‘hello’ and exchange smiles and waves. My boys get more smiles and waves than I do, and I have full conversations with the staff in my regular cafés and shops.

I am a full time mum, as well as a part time music teacher, an avid audio book listener, a post natal depression survivor (just!), a Bible believing Christian, coffee addict, former sugar addict, and a tergiversator (to change repeatedly one’s attitude or opinions).  And yes, I have just learnt that word, from Google. But it really does describe me very well. I’m not fickle so much as just, well, tergiversating!

Things I love –

  • my family & my home
  • knitting, crocheting, sewing, drawing, lettering
  • making things beautiful
  • good, clean, box sets
  • music
  • being silly
  • being overly enthusiastic

Things I tergiversate over –

  • hummus
  • being outside in the garden
  • practicality vs beauty
  • my dreams/aspirations (they change on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis)
  • being an introvert/extrovert
  • living in a small flat
  • McDonalds

Welcome to the mad chaos of the Baker household.