…Or their third, fourth, fifth or even sixth! Although by that point they’ve probably got everything you could ever think of, plus a few super savvy things you couldn’t think of, and an extra bin bag of old baby clothes hiding in an attic somewhere…

For the mummy

  • pregnancy massage – my best girl friends clubbed together and got me an incredibly relaxing massage when I was pregnant with Teddy Bear. I was so uncomfortable, so tired, and so tense, it was just what I needed.
  • really nice coffee (instant!!) – no new mum has the time to wait for coffee to percolate or filter through drip by drip! Millicano is YUMMY.
  • bag of snacks – just buy a nice gift bag and fill it, and I mean fill it, with snacks to get her through the day/night feeds.
  • freezer meals/Cook voucher.
  • the promise of free childcare/babysitting – even 30 minutes child-free to shower will be greatly appreciated.
  • These YesMum cards – a little box of love! Or, in other words, 31 affirmation cards that will make that mum feel loved, valued, like she can do it, whatever ‘it’ is.
  • Pouches for their nappy bag – give the gift of organisation to the baby-brain-dead new mum, and she will love you forever. She may look at you like you’re nuts when you give them to her, but believe me, the first time she has to just grab ONE bag for that unexpected nappy change, she will understand. One for nappies, wipes and nappy bags, one for spare baby clothes, one for small emergency toys, etc. etc. you get the idea. Make them different colours/patterns too – no one wants a bag of toys when they need wipes…
  • A non-judgemental ear/shoulder to cry on
  • A sling – this is an expensive gift, but probably one of the best! Do your research, but I can wholeheartedly recommend Connecta slings. They are lightweight and you can fold them up and stuff them into a bag. Much more compact that an ErgoBaby, but the Ergo360 is worth it for the ability to face forward later on. Or get them a stretchy wrap style sling which they can use from birth. If you’ve had more than one kid, you’ll know how much easier life is if you can just carry the little one around on your front while you carry on being mum to their older sibling.
  • A subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime – unlimited access to the Good Wife, HomeLand, Paw Patrol and Peppa Pig. Genius.
  • OR – wait a couple of weeks, then ask them what they want/need!


For the new big brother(s) or sister(s)

Not quite the intended use, but countless hours of amusement

  • The general rule here is, whatever you buy the baby, buy the exact same thing for their older sibling. Even if it’s a cuddly toy, a baby rattle, whatever it is – buy two.
  • A toy buggy
  • London Transport Museum ticket – or equivalent if you’re not in London, obviously. The joy of the London Transport Museum is that once you’ve paid to get in once, you can use that ticket to get in unlimited times over the next year. The gift that keeps on giving.
  • A scrap book – something for them to stick photos in, postcards, old tickets, anything really.
  • Tickets to a kids show, eg the Gruffalo, or a really fancy music class. Then take them to it or arrange their dad to take them so that mummy gets some time with baby. The big orchestras around the UK normally do little concerts for little ones with fun narrators, songs and stories, so have a look at your local one online.

For the new baby

  • Same as above – whatever you get the older one, get one for the baby too, and the same rules apply here too. Even if the toy is way too old for them, that doesn’t matter, trust me. Just get the same thing.
  • Anything homemade will be treasured, however wonky or badly sewn. I’m currently relearning how to crochet for our nephew (due in a week!), and it’s not the neatest work I’ve ever done!
  • A sleeping bag or swaddle blanket – you always need them and no one ever buys them as gifts!

I guess this post is really to persuade you to focus more on the mum than the kids, and then more on the older kids than the new one! Don’t bother buying loads of cute clothes, think practically, and if you want to give a gift they’ll treasure and keep, make it yourself.