A few weeks ago, I decided to give up all obvious refined sugar. I needed to get my moods, and weight, in check, and have been eating far too much chocolate to buoy me along. By too much, I mean, far too much. You know chocolate bars are cheaper in multi-packs? £1 for 4?  Ye, I’d eat all 4 in one go. I guess I might have 3, saving one for the hubby and pretending I’d done a nice thing, therefore erasing any guilt I might feel.

In March I gave up chocolate to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. They call it a


Before that I really didn’t think I’d be able to do it. But I did! So I knew I’d be able to give up other sugary stuff, just for a couple of months. My end date is my 30th birthday, 4th July, as I’d really like to be healthier, happier and thinner before I turn 30.

So far, so good. These are the things I have given up;

  • chocolate
  • sweets (mint imperials are my vice)
  • adding sugar to my cereal
  • jam/marmalade, basically anything interesting on toast
  • white bread
  • white pasta
  • ice cream (sigh)
  • cake
  • biscuits

I’m used to snacking all day, and eating quite small meals, but I’ve been snacking much less, and eating bigger meals as a result. Here’s a little list of things I’ve been snacking on, some more healthy than others!

  • crisps
  • nuts
  • NAKD bars (just fruit, nuts etc. – although full of sugar, surely better than a Dairy Milk bar?? Someone reassure me??)
  • natural yoghurt with fruit (my fav)
  • cheese and biscuits

I’m not quite up to baking or cooking complicated things at the moment, so haven’t got any good recipes for replacement foods, but I’ll be sure to share them if I ever do make sugar free home made snacks.

I feel so, so much better. Much more stable, my crazy emotions are a lot calmer now, and I am slowly but surely losing weight. It’s going to take something more drastic to lose the baby weight, but at least I’m going in the right direction.

If you’ve given up sugar or have any tips or easy recipes, please let me know, I’m ready to learn!