As I write this, I am abso-bloomin-lutely furious after the most horrific nap time with Archie Bear EVER. He is finally asleep, and I haven’t killed anyone. Yet. In fact he’s been asleep for a while now and I’m still seething. However, I will count this as a win. Toddler asleep, tick. Toddler alive, tick. Nobody strangled or thrown out of a window, tick. That’s all good then. Or is it?

Surely the best way to teach patience to children is to model it to them? But right now I am a big fat zero on a scale of 0-10 when it comes to patience. 10 being saintly, perfectly gracious and forgiving in any and all circumstances, 0 being a total and utter failure and screaming into a pillow, whilst wondering what unhealthy food there is in the cupboard to angrily shove into my mouth and striding up and down the kitchen just waiting for someone, something, anything to tip me over the edge. Is it better to fake being patient in an effort to model it and teach it to your offspring, or to be open and honest so they a) learn to stop being so bloody annoying, and b) understand grace and that I love them no matter how big the bend is that they send me round??

I’m sure that when I have eventually calmed down I will feel so remorseful and guilty for getting this angry with a tired and excited 3 year old, that I will probably feel worse than I do now. Mummy guilt is something I have discovered over this last year or so, and we are like ‘that’ (fingers crossed to show how entwined guilt and I am). But let’s save that for another, equally positive post, shall we???

How are you doing on the patience scale today? However you’re doing, keep going lovely super mums, and give yourself as much grace and love as you do your kid(s). And i will try to follow my own advice. Now, where’s that giant bag of crisps got to????