This morning, Archie Bear and Teddy Bear were models for the first time. Oh yes, their modelling career has begun, and I see great things in their future…no, not really.

Today, we went to the home of Littlechook’s founder and designer, Karin, for a photoshoot of their new designs. As a brand ambassador for Littlechook, Archie Bear and Teddy Bear are some of their models, and we love love love the new designs. I wish I could show you them all here but I can’t!

Serious camera envy going on here

It started off well, Teddy Bear was so great at standing still, looking at the camera, no hands in the way of the cute design on his pyjama top, that we thought this was going to be a breeze. I think he was lulling us into a false sense of security, you know, just for kicks.

Karin and Kate helping the boys into their next outfits

Archie Bear was not so cooperative. He just wanted to play with his trains, and was totally panicked whenever he had to leave them that Teddy Bear would break his train. There were many squeals of half-unintelligible ‘no, Teddy no, don’t break my train Teddy, Teddy no!!!!!’, whilst I was trying to put him back on his spot. Then when he would actually stand still (only when someone else was holding Teddy Bear), he wouldn’t pull a normal face. Typical 3 year old boy! I’m sure they’re going through the photos now, trying to find one where he doesn’t have his tongue out, his mouth wide open or is pouting ridiculously. Sigh.

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But everyone was SO nice, and so understanding, it was really fun! The boys were introduced to Karin’s guinea pigs, which went down a treat, and then got to play with all the toys while the photographer got on with some flat shots which they had set up in the kitchen.

I loved all the clothes they were photographing so much that I’m sure I was a serious nuisance! Cries of ‘ooooo’ and ‘that’s so gorgeous’ and ‘I want one of those!’ were my little additions to the morning.

I’ve got all our Christmas presents sorted! If you haven’t already seen in my last Littlechook post, Karin has very kindly given us 15% off her Etsy shop until 31st December 2017, so get your Christmas shopping done and dusted! Just use code MUMMYBEAR2017.

After the boys were done, I took my camera and went snooping around Karin’s house. I wanted to see where she worked and how everything was put together. Her work space is so organised it puts my meagre attempt to get our lives in order seriously to shame. I couldn’t get over the giant rolls of flock either – they were so vibrant and colourful. As for the drawers of stencilled out designs, I had to majorly restrain myself from having a good old root around in there. And that lady must send a serious amount of post!

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I’ll post some pics of the Bear Cubs in the new designs when Karin gives me the all clear!