With two boys under 3, I go through a lot of baby wipes. I’m always looking for a good offer on the big boxes of them, and am always surprised when I realise we’ve run out, again. Already?! Many mornings have been spent rationing the last 2 wipes, tearing them in half and praying no one is sick or does a poo before we can get to a shop.

My sister has always used reusable wipes for mealtimes, as her boy doesn’t like the feel of baby wipes on his face and hands, and she passed on a few to me when Archie Bear was really little. I have to admit, I didn’t really use them that often, but I could see the benefits. They’ve been hanging in our kitchen in their little waterproof bag since then, and this week I decided that enough was enough. We have been spending too much on big boxes of wipes that just go into landfill, block up our sewers and end up on our beaches – gross.

Now, I’m not switching to reusable wipes totally. I draw the line at nappy changes, so will keep using disposable ones for that, but by far the most wipes I use during the day are at mealtimes. Kids + food = mess. Sticky, slimy, mess. By the time the kids are in bed, I reckon I’ve gone through about a third of a packet of wipes in the day. Crazy. 

So, from today, I will be trying out using reusable wipes at mealtimes. The ones I have are called Pop-ins, and are made from bamboo which is soft, and naturally anti-bacterial. They’re a good size, approx. 15cm square, and are surprisingly absorbent. 


  • Better for the planet
  • Better for our bank balance
  • Take up less space
  • Machine washable
  • Naturally anti-bacterial
  • Super soft


  • Not as convenient (although I may be the laziest mum ever)
  • Rinsing them out can be a bit gross
  • If you’re not doing frequent washes you can run out of clean ones pretty quick

So far, so good. I can deal with having to walk to the sink to rinse them a couple of times when they get saturated with leftover yoghurt and fruit puree, and at our current rate there’s no danger of running out of clean ones before doing the next wash. They do a good job of cleaning little hands, big hands, little faces, highchairs, tables, chairs, etc. and are soft enough that I don’t have to worry if I need to give a cheek a good scrub at the end of breakfast (weetabix is simultaneously a mum’s best friend and worst nightmare). Whether I can keep it up is another question. I need to remember to start each meal with a damp pop-in on hand, otherwise I may find myself reaching for the wipe packet the next time Teddy Bear shoves his hand into his dinner and starts flinging it around like a windmill. 

You can buy a pack of 10 Pop-ins from Amazon for £12.50, and they come with a waterproof drawstring bag so you can even take them out and about with you and not worry about keeping the contents of your bag clean and dry after a pasta disaster.