We’re into the world of teeny, tiny pants.

We’ve decided to potty train Archie Bear this weekend, as he keeps getting into his nappy when he’s in his bed and getting wee all over everything. He was already in a back to front sleep suit which doesn’t have any poppers around his bum – hardest toddler clothing to find ever – and then a back to front sleeping bag which zips up, not down, so he can’t undo it, and THEN a long sleeve pyjama top over the top so he can’t get his arms into his sleeping bag. All that, and he still manages it. I’m choosing to see it as determined, rather than stubborn and disobedient. 

His nursery is happy to do the first couple of days in pants, so I merrily put him into some teeny, green pants (bye bye nappies), packed a bag full of spare pants and trousers, and prayed he wouldn’t wet himself on the way! No accidents. Yes, I thought. We’re on the way. He’s ready. 

All day I wondered how he was doing. How many times had he said ‘I need a weewee’ or just taken himself off to the potty himself. Come 5pm I rushed in, ready to greet my grown up boy, obviously expecting a few accidents here and there, to have one of the helpers look at me and shake her head. He had just wet himself all day. 3 times in one hour she said. He’d maybe gone on the potty once all day. 

Now we’re back to reality. With a bump. A damp, smelly bump. So, the bag of spares is all packed and ready, we’ve had one accident this morning already, but we’re staying positive. He’ll get there, and I’m realising that he’s not the one bothered by it, I am. It’s my stress and frustration at having to change countless pants and clothes, worrying about whether I should put him on the toilet yet or wait for him to ask, not his. Perhaps after another day at nursery he’ll start getting the hang of it, and I shall be googling tips and ideas while he’s there, so that I get the hang of it too! 

Here’s my potty training checklist –

  • Paw Patrol potty training chart 
  • Billions of teeny, tiny pants (I went for cheap and cheerful, these were £3.50 for 6 from Primark)
  • 12 x packs of wipes (ready for anything!)
  • 2 x potties (again, I’m a cheapskate so I got them from Poundland)
  • 1 x toddler toilet seat
  • 1 x Paw Patrol step
  • 10 x spare trousers/leggings
  • Pot of bubbles for toilet/potty time
  • Bags of patience, love and prayer!

Update coming soon…wish us luck!