Oh yes, the tummy bug has caught up with us Bakers. 

Literally as I wrote those words, the call to arms came through on the monitor and I had to run. I got to the bedroom to hear Teddy Bear standing up in his travel cot crying, and poor, poor Archie Bear screaming and wretching into a bucket. Daddy Bear was steadfastly sat behind him, rubbing his back and saying wonderful things like ‘it’s OK, I’m here, I’ve got you’. The trouble with 3 year olds having tummy bugs is that they just can’t understand that they’ll feel so much better once they’ve actually been sick. They’re also so little that most of the time they can’t remember ever being sick before. Can you imagine being sick for the very first time?? How freaky and terrifying and horrific would it be??? No wonder he was trying his very hardest to stop the inevitable. ‘I don’t want to, I don’t need the bucket.’ and ‘no daddy, make it stop, last time daddy’ are two sentences that give you a tiny glimpse into his little mind and the sheer denial that’s going on. 

He’s spent the last two days writhing around trying to get into any comfortable position, and whining wordlessly, saying his tummy is sore, but with no evidence of it being a tummy bug. We’ve been worrying about everything from trapped wind to appendicitis, thinking there must be something really wrong with him. He can’t differentiate between his tummy being sore and feeling sick, so we’re never quite sure what’s going on. This morning he felt better, and was running around the gardens at Montacute House, grinning and giggling, and then all of a sudden, an hour later he was doubled over again and wanting to be cuddled and carried everywhere. Then this afternoon, to top it all off, I fell down the stairs and am pretty sure I’ve bruised the bone in my right forearm, thus making me rather redundant in the toddler carrying business. Anyway. There’s not much we can do for the little mite now, except hope he sleeps through the night and is actually better in the morning. 

The positives? We’re on holiday, so Daddy Bear is here 24/7, and the boys’ Godfather is with us too, who is one of our best and oldest friends, so we have more adult help than normal. Thankfully it means that my lame arm isn’t actually a major disaster, just a bit of a nuisance. I can’t imagine dealing with this all on my own at home, although if we were at home then I wouldn’t have fallen down the stairs as we don’t have any. Big up to single parents and anyone who deals with this kind of stuff by themselves. Add your own tummy bug into the mix too and I think you deserve a medal.