We’ve just discovered the Go Jetters on CBeebies, and I just have so, so many questions.

  1. What are they?? They have no necks, giant heads, and their faces seem completely 2-dimentional. That means no noses. Not even a hint of a nose.
  2. The size of their heads would surely mean they’d be crushed under the sheer weight of them? Unless they’re full of air, like a giant balloon head?? That would explain how they can twist and turn any which way, I guess.
  3. Who is Grandmaster Glitch? And why is he always where the Go Jetters are?? Why doesn’t he just go somewhere else when he sees they’re there, enact some other evil plan somewhere else, and then he wouldn’t be disturbed! Is it just by chance that the 4 little neck-less unicorn-led superheroes are always right where they need to be to foil GM Glitch’s plans?? And what are those things on the side of his helmet/head??
  4. Just what do they do at the Go Jet Academy? They seem pretty good at what they do, so why are they training? What are they training for? And just what career do you go into when you’ve graduated from the Go Jet Academy?
  5. Why does the unicorn never leave the mother ship? And who put him in charge? How do you spell Ubicorn anyway? Ubicorn? Ubercorn(sounds more like a sweetcorn taxi service!)? Ubacorn? How come he’s some kind of 70s disco unicorn with a purple quiff and glittery hooves? And why does he always have purple goggles on? He confuses me so, so much. – NB, since first writing this I have discovered that it is, in fact, spelled UBERCORN. I maintain that this is because he is uber corny.
  6. I want a spaceship/aircraft that can get me anywhere in the world in 3 seconds flat. Where can I get one of those?



And, the most important question of all, does the Go Jetters have the coolest theme tune ever? I have been singing it round and round for weeks now and I’m still not sick of it. It’s very disconcerting. Press play on the below with caution – you will enjoy it way too much for a kids TV show and I am not responsible for how long you will be singing ‘goooo jetters go, go go GO!’ to yourself.

If you have any information on the above, please comment and fill me in!