So, this week our very first Toucan Box arrived through the post!

A few words of explanation – Toucan Box is a little box that gets posted through your letter box every week or every fortnight. Inside the box is everything you need to make one craft project with your child. They are age appropriate, and even get you to take a personality quiz of your child so they can choose the perfect box of goodies to send to you!

At the moment they’re doing an offer for new customers – first box for free – so we signed up!

Our first box had a piratey theme, with a parrot to colour in and stick feathers to, and everything we needed to make our very own, tea-stained, crumpled up treasure map.

It was great. We had some focused time to do it together while Teddy Bear was napping, so we didn’t get distracted and could leave glue and crayons lying around without worrying about them being discovered by littler hands. He really enjoyed making the parrot especially, and still waves it around, feathers flying, a week later!

The map, well, that’s another story. We haven’t completely finished it yet – but he really enjoyed scrumpling it all up to make it wrinkly, and painting it with tea to make it look old. It took a little while to dry, probably a minute or two more than he could concentrate, so we have a nice, old-looking piece of paper waiting for another quiet afternoon to be drawn on. I’m hoping to get him to draw rivers and lakes, and we had a go at drawing trees a few months ago, so we’ll try putting some of those in too. He’s only 3 and a half, so his drawing skills aren’t up to much yet! But I can draw for him if he knows what he wants, we can do it together.

There’s also a nice booklet included with puzzles and information, and a nice pirate colouring page too with another parrot on it and a treasure chest. Most of it is a bit old for him, but I haven’t tried taking him through it yet so who knows – he might cope better than I think.

I’d thoroughly recommend toucanBox, and am excited to receive our next one. The box comes through with his name on it, which he loves, and hopefully he’ll get to know what they look like and get really excited with them when they arrive.

If you want a free box, please use my special code, jenny-arhw, or click here, and not only will you get a free box, but Archie and I will enjoy our next box half price!