I’ve recently comes across a great brand of toilet paper, yes toilet paper, called Who Gives a Crap? I am an absolute sucker for pretty things and good branding, and these guys have it in bucketloads.wp-image-118882649

Each roll is wrapped in its own funky paper (recycled of course) cover, which they have covered in patterns, facts and ideas for how to reuse it – emergency wrapping paper, gift tags, and sending them love letters are just 3 of many ideas they have.

But they didn’t just start a toilet roll company to make them prettier, no. Did you know that 2.4 billion people don’t have access to a toilet? It’s almost unthinkable in the 21st Century, that there would be anyone, let alone 40% of the world’s population, who would live without access to basic hygiene. Poor sanitation is responsible for 900 children under 5 dying every day. EVERY DAY. That’s the equivalent of 2 whole UK primary schools being wiped out, every day.wp-image-1661454778

So, 3 guys decided to do something about it. They started Who Gives a Crap? and give 50% of their profits straight to WaterAid, to build more toilets where they are needed most.

I know, I know. Recycled toilet paper doesn’t fill me with glee either. Rather, it fills me with memories of school loo roll, less effective than tissue paper and as comfortable and soft as sandpaper. I was reluctant, as the WGAC rolls come in big boxes of either 24, or 48 rolls. That’s a lot of toilet paper. And if it was rubbish I didn’t want to be stuck with it for the next year, using it as kitchen roll, tissues, to mop up spilled milk and the like, until we got through all 48 rolls of it. Then I saw these lovely titbits of information;


So, I went for it and ordered 48 rolls of toilet paper. Ok, ok, I realise that was rather silly, given we live in a small 2 bed flat, but they were the best value, and it made them slightly cheaper than the brands I normally buy, and with free postage, well, it seemed a good deal. And it was. Every roll is double length. That means I bought the equivalent of 96 rolls of toilet paper. In one go. It sounds crazy when you say it like that. But they really are what they say – strong and soft! And it’s a good job they’re wrapped in beautiful paper, there are piles of them in every corner of our two tiny bathrooms.

I love that I’ve bought something recycled, that hasn’t caused more trees to be chopped down, and that gives money to people who really need it. Building more toilets might seem like a funny thing to do, but it can save lives, and I love that I remember that every time I go to the loo.

Check them out for yourselves, it’s a great website, a brilliant product, and you’ll be doing something great for the world.