More like pain-in-the-mouth teeth. 

Oh yes, I have wisdom teeth. And they are infected. Well, one is infected. The others have plagued me on and off over the last 10 years. 10. YEARS. But this one, oo it is RATHER sore! I went to an emergency dentist appointment today, she took one look in my achey gob and ‘yep, it’s your wisdom tooth’. So, with promises of antibiotics, I thought I was free to go. No such luck.

‘I’ll just clean it out with some water. Don’t worry, it’s not an injection, just a syringe.’ An injecion?? Did she say injection?? Why would I think it was an injection? I look over and see something that looks incredibly like a needle, but with water spurting out the end at what seems to be warp speed. This is the longest, thinnest syringe I have ever seen. This is not going to be the gentle clean I was expecting. 

Then followed approximately 15 seconds of what I can only describe as medieval torture, which some cruel person must have designed for the Borrowers – and unsuspecting normal sized human beings like me. 

I was still holding my face and randomly muttering ‘oooow’ when I was picking up my prescription. I’ve now had yet more painkillers and the first of 21 little magic, antibiotic, infection-killing tablets, and am feeling much better. For the moment. 

Wisdom teeth? Any reason for the name? Wikipedia reliably informs me:

Although formally known as third molars, the common name is wisdom teeth because they appear so late – much later than the other teeth, at an age where people are presumably “wiser” than as a child, when the other teeth erupt.

I love the word ‘presumably’ in there. I have wisdom teeth. Therefore, I am presumably wiser than I was as a child. Hahahahahahahaha. Sorry, just nearly died laughing. I guess I must be wiser than my 6 year old self? Then again, I did manage to put a wet nappy into the washing machine the other day…